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    What do you do if your sensei show you different ways to do basic things?

    There are 2 sensei at my dojo and they frequently show different ways to do things.

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    They may have different things they want to emphasize. Do it the way the current sensei you are working with wants it. Gradually over time your kendo will grow and then they may stop telling you different things. It's just quite possible that they see areas that you need to improve and they have different ways of trying to correct it.

    I feel the more I do kendo the more similar things I hear from different sensei, but in the very beginning I got lots of different suggestions/corrections from different people. It's kinda like we all have this idea of what good kendo is. We all strive to get there, but we follow different directions given by different people until we get to the same destination.

    It doesn't hurt to ask about these things after practice, but do what is asked of you during practice.


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      Most of the cases, I think sensei are talking about same thing....just diffrent way. If they are to teach you 'proper swing', some may suggest to fix your leg movement, some may say to use left hand...etc chicken or egg......

      However if there is a huge diffrence, as Nodachi said, you should talk to them after class. Or talk to your high rank senior members. Your senpai can talk to sensei and between sensei, they can adjust and can agree upon certain way/method of teaching.


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        I had the same problem, everytime it was a different teacher my swing kept changing...basically I went with what felt the most right, however keeping in mind the similarities and sort of taking the key points from what everyone said.

        Ended up with a swing that felt right, it was still a bit wrong in the form, but one of my sensei's corrected it. I guess its a learning process and eventually the correct form will come around (supposed to take a lifetime or longer to perfect the swing?). I just took what everyone said to do and pieced things together.


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          Well I think they are major things, such as kamaes. They both teach them in way different positions.


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            I find this happens alot I was always told 10 different sensei 10 different ways, and when you are with one sensei do as he/she says and when with another do as they say. As you become more advanced you will be able distinquish for yourself what advice is good and what isn't.

            It can be very frustrating sometimes trust me I know.


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              This seems to happen to other people too...j/k! You need to talk to them after class, or in a "good time" during practice.


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                Who is your sensei? Pick the one you wish to follow (or the head instructor) and take their advice. If you are asked to try something differently by another sensei, give it a whirl, but generally keep on the path given by your sensei. Eventually you may see that the advice isn't really different at all - or, maybe it is. The fact that you're asking this question tells me you don't have enough experience to tell yet.