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  • Goin' berko

    Lately I've been going totally berko at training. Don't know why, it's like I get the blood lust or something. Find I'm screaming my head off..., and my opponent is pissing themselves with laughter. People watching have that expression on their faces that just says "what the...". Anyone out there a sufferer too, or am I the only one?

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    wiggin' out


    i only go psycho like that after my sesei has knocked me on my ass during ji-geiko and tried to rip off my men. i'm sure the contrast between my "war face" and his giant grin is amusing to onlookers.


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      its good that you shout your head off during practice
      it shows how serious you are about it.

      its not so nice to laugh at your opponent's kiai or whatever anyway, so your opponent is the main problem.

      in my dojo we have a female kendoka, when she fights, she's so into it and screams high pitch and loses all signs of humanity, but when i see it, i just envy i can't get myself to this level of seriousness.

      so in conclusion, you don't suffer o.o

      hope i helped~!