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Personal JODAN TRAINING - please guide me

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  • Personal JODAN TRAINING - please guide me

    Please comment and help me elevate my jodan katate me. So far, I was informed that my maai is too close. LOL


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    Dear admin. Please delete this post. Already made one


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      I do not practice jodan but here are my observations for what they are worth and without knowing your grade or circumstances:

      1) When going down into sankyo, keep your back straight. Don't let your shoulders bob forwards and back. This requires engaging you kahanshin (lower body) more, which is generally a goal anyway.

      2) It appears your shinai is striking at a point behind the nakayui. That means the strike is too deep and maai is too close. The principle advantage of a katate menuchi is reach so you should strike from further away so that the shinai strikes between the kissaki and nakayui.

      EDIT: Oh wait, seems you were told already but didn't mention that in your rendundant post, which I read first.
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        These are gold dillon san. Appreciate the feedback. I got your pointers and will adjust within the week. I'll post my videos here for you to see if there are any progress

        - Paul Minoza


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          Just looking at the video again during coffee break...

          3) Employ "sayabiki". This is an iaido term referring to how in a katate waza, the non-sword-holding arm pulls the saya back. This movement serves as a counter movement to the cut made by the weapon-holding-arm and adds power and sharpness by having the cut focused around the hara. Think of a counter-weight on a trebuchet. In every budo I practice (kendo, iaido, jodo), katate waza feature this sayabiki type action. In kendo, the right fist should pull to the hip just as the shinai lands. Some jodan players pull to the belly button... which in kendo helps guard against doh although it is a bit naughty to block.

          4) It looks like the back foot isn't always pointing forward. Maybe watch out for that.


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            How's your Jodan training going?


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              How's your Jodan Training going?