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Starting a New Class [UPDATED VERSION]

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  • Starting a New Class [UPDATED VERSION]


    First off, I do apologize for starting a second thread- the site would not allow me update my old thread after it cut off half of the start post.

    I am a nursing student in college, and starting next Fall I am contemplating teaching lightsaber-style combat to make some money while in college at UTSA. The college has a place I can reserve in the campus rec center, along with equipment such as mats and some foam protection gear. If I cannot do so there, I can do so at San Antonio's YMCA. I have some experience with martial arts clases, although all my kendo experience is all self-reliant. Likewise, I do have some prior experience with instructing lightsaber combat, as while I was a member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets I instructed other cadets and students in the basic forms of lightsaber combat and engaged in partner exercises along with no-contact sparring. There were no ranks outside of master and student, save for the exception of a first disciple/senior student as one had prior experience with kendo and European longsword fencing.

    What I have in mind so far:
    -Students at least 12 or 13 years old
    -Gi uniforms
    -Heavy foam gear for no/minimum-contact sparring and partner drills until bogu gear can be acquired
    -Incorportating kendo discipline elements

    However, I have no idea what to do regarding possible ranks, setuops, and the like. I am used to a martial arts and fencing (lame and round) setups and can incorporate certain elements. I had been drawn to kendo since it is the utmost similar art.

    I would really appreciate any and all suggestions, tips, helps, etc. that you all have for me!

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    I will try to say this in a helpful manner, although it probably isn't what you want to hear.

    You've sort of come to the wrong crowd for advice (although not much of a crowd these days). Many if not most seasoned kendo practitioners see themselves as following a tradition, as much as possible correctly. Many hold a dim view towards people teaching things they've made up as well as self-teaching. Since you're not misrepresenting yourself as teaching kendo or other legit budo teacher though, we are likely of the opinion, "Do whatever you like, but we're not interested."

    Most kendo instruction is done at cost for covering club expenses with the instructor basically volunteering their time and expertise. We've seen play swordsmanship activities (which I won't name here) start off with the intention of being just harmless fun, not stepping on kendo's toes, not intended to be a big business, etc. only to start believing their own marketing and now often with participants claiming it is more real than kendo because of the usual criticisms of kendo. That doesn't really matter to us as we aren't out to convert heathens or anything, but neither do we want to spend time helping to set such things up.

    Nevertheless, I will leave you with a couple of general points to watch out for.

    1) Insurance
    2) Copyright

    Good luck!


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      And a bit of Google-fu will probably tell you how ranks work in kendo.

      Good luck!


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        I got sidetracked at "lightsaber combat"......