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Experiencing pain as a new Jodo practitioner

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  • Experiencing pain as a new Jodo practitioner

    Hi all, just wanted some advise. I started training at Jodo over a month ago (with no experience in similar marial art before), and after about two weeks of twice a week training I started to experience pain immediatly after trainings. The pain felt like my entire hands were sore which I guess is normal, but also pain around the elbow and in the wrists. The pain got progressively better, until the next training when again it started to hurt.

    So I took a two weeks break, iced my hands, took some Advil, etc, and the pain was almost gone. But then last week when I came back to training, no surprises- it came back. Not as bad as the first time, and it seems like the recovery time has improved, but still I can feel my hands. No wrist pain though; mainly around the elbows (not in the elbow itself, like around it).

    So basically my question is: is this kind of pain normal? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I asked my Sensei about it and he corrected some issue I had with my gripping of the Jo. My senpai told me it sounds normal to him, since I'm using muscles I've never used before. But still, I'm a bit worried about it, and not sure if It's normal to feel pain after every training session. I actually made an appointment with my doctor, though I'm not sure what can he tell me besides "stop training".

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    Only a doctor should diagnose your problem. Nevertheless, here is my experience for what it's worth.

    I came into jodo already involved in kendo and iaido. So I didn't suffer the usual soreness from starting a new physical activity as the movements in (ZNKR) jodo are not too different from the other two arts. My jodo practice is also not that intense compared to kendo and iaido, although I have practice with another dojo and at a seminar where the pace is a bit higher and experienced some tiredness. From this I have never picked up an injury in jodo.

    In kendo and iaido I have picked up injuries, and unfortunately the older I get the more frequently this seems to happen. I find that if pain does not go away after a couple of days, then an injury has occurred. Some of these clear up permanently after a long period of rest (e.g. more than a few months); some are recurring and will pay me a visit once in a while.

    Hopefully, in your case, there is nothing torn, no osteo-arthritis, no carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. But you won't known until you've been properly diagnosed.

    Good luck.