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    I've been away from kendo and these forums for a while now and just starting to get back into the swing of kendo again. I was recently present for a regional grading and people testing for the kata did all kinds of things and just wanted to ask for some clarity on them. I recently had a discussion about kata with one of our ss, The issue is when going from the initial Za-rei, and you put the bukuto down, is the blade facing in our out? I know back in the day when I did Iai, there were different circumstances when the iaito was on the left or right, but for the life of me can't remember for either situation how the blade is supposed to be.

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    The ha (blade edge) always faces inward. For ZNKR kendo the sword sits to the swordsman's left so the ha is on the right side of the sword (ura faces up). This would be mirrored (with omote facing up) if the sword is to be placed on the swordsman's left (e.g. police kendo, some iai, and some koryu).


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      Apologies, my previous post reversed omote and ura. Omote is the outward facing side of the blade when the blade is worn, ura is the inside facing side. A tachi has these reverse compared to a katana as it is worn blade edge down.

      So in seiza, a sword sitting on the swordsman's left has omote facing up. Ura faces up if the sword sits on the swordsman's right.


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        Thats what I was looking for thank you. Its been a long time since i've done kata so just trying to get things back together as the shinsa raised a couple of questions for me.