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Jodan vs. jodan (or nito)

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  • Jodan vs. jodan (or nito)

    Okay, so here's a question for you fellow jodan folks. When your opponent is a jodan player or a nito player, do you ever engage them in chudan or do you stick with jodan?

    For me, it depends on the situation. If I'm up against my sensei in jigeiko, I like to engage him from chudan for a while to learn how he does things from jodan. Then I'll ask for a bit of time in jodan vs. jodan. I don't think I've ever faced a jodan player in shiai so far, but if I were to, I would probably do it jodan vs. jodan.

    If I'm up against gyaku-nito, I feel stronger in chudan. My opponent's shoto kote and gyaku-do are available as targets. I guess I could go gyaku-jodan, like Kai sensei did against Toda sensei in this clip, but I wouldn't know where to begin with gyaku-jodan.

    If I'm up against sei-nito, I'll go jodan. That daito kote is so enticingly close.

    So what say ye? Any pros or cons of going jodan or chudan against various kamae?

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    Jodan vs nito gets boring very quickly if either side got half a clue. It's too easy for the nito player to defend and if they move into attacking distance, the jodan player will already have attacked.
    Never faced nito in shiai, but if it was in a team situation and I was required to win, I would probably use chudan.

    Ai-jodan is somewhat more interesting. Both sides will try to set up the debana opportunity and/or the nuki. Lose concentration for half a moment and the other side will nail you. Can get repetitive with simultaneous attacks.

    Both shows the relatively limited repertoire of jodan and if your pressure/seme isn't strong enough to overcome the opponent, it's hard to win.



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      After taking jodan, I have always fought from jodan regardless of what kamae my opponent was in. On saying that, in shiai, I tend to use many more morote cuts from jodan against either nito or ai jodan. I think it is a great way to test your thinking in jodan to be put in these situations. I went against itokatzu's nito at nationals and stayed in jodan. It didn't work out for me but it was interesting and have not lost to a nito kendoist since. Cheers!


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        when i fight jodan from jodan, i tend to wait at frst, if my oppenent goes for my kote, then ill hit katate men, and verse vicer. it does tend to get boring pretty quickly, so the games usually decided with hiki waza....