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    Originally posted by Curtis View Post
    So as a side to this I going to do some test cutting to see how well we actually cut doh. Bought a Paul Chen sword to cut with. My main focus is hidari doh since so many people just kind of slap at it. I want to try some different ways of cutting it to see the results. I have to say my way of teaching hidari doh is influenced by how Trent Sensei showed me how to test cut it in Japan.

    I may set up a stand to test men as well. I get tired of hearing how we don't know how to cut.
    Most of the kendo guys I know cut just fine given the opportunity! But please, sensei, let us know how it goes.


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      Not much of an update. It's getting a little better. I find I am able to pull it off if I time it against men just right, and I only have to step out to the right a little, and make sure I have good te-no-uchi in the cut and zanshin. But you really have to read men. I'm still not very good at setting it up.

      Not like this guy!


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        Originally posted by bobdonny View Post
        I dunno to be honest, we change all the time, but I assume some dojo's follow the 70% men 20%kote 8% dou and 2% tsuki rule (or similiar variants).
        Perhaps a bit of a thread drift;
        I've never heard of this before, it sounds uneven to me. Is this how the kihon practice breaks down at your dojo or does this represent a typical mix during jigeiko? This rule doesn't apply at my dojo, not for kihon or jigeiko. Does anyone else follow a similar pattern?


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          Hope you guys don't mind an updated thread but I thought you'd appreciate that my doh is getting better though it's still got a ways to go. In brief:

          -I worked a lot on cutting big orthodox doh
          -I can cut doh very effectively with a smaller motion, just by turning over my hands - makes a great noise when I strike it and I am surprised by this since I seem to be doing not much with my shoulders
          -As has been said, you really have to put your hips into it, as with all cuts
          -Trying to get down timing; set up I am working on is initiate an ai-men situation and, as my Japanese friends put it, "escape," that is, cut doh while the other cuts men
          -Most of the time my opponents see this coming a mile away and knock my shinai down with uchiotoshi or get cracked on the elbow - sorry!

          So, I'm still working on it, but it's getting way better.