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countering hiki waza & cancelling out points

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  • countering hiki waza & cancelling out points

    I've heard conflicting views regarding countering hiki waza, while there are specific waza to counter hiki waza, I've been told that when someone makes a valid point with hiki waza it can be canceled out if the person who gets cut makes a valid point (men,kote, do or tsuki) in less then 1 second after the first point was made (the time gap is similar to making a point on a fallen person). On the other hand I've also been told that once the point has been given it can not be cancelled out by another valid cut, tori keshi and gogi decissions however is a completely different matter.

    Which one of this is true and If the former is true then would that mean any other points can be cancelled out by the same method?

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    I think that ideally you should be well clear of your opponent when you land a valid hiki-waza. If your opponent can still make contact with you then you really haven't managed to create an opening or taken advantage of one. Once you make contact (i.e. a valid cut) you just try to put as much distance as possible between you and the opponent (just don't turn your back).

    I have no idea if there is an actual rule to it though.


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      allowing yourself to get cut after hiki-waza would not be showing very good zanshin...


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        Well.... Hiki waza being one of my many favorites, I would have to say that if your opponent immediately did do or kote after hiki-men (for instance) indicates one of two things:

        Bad zanshin (ie moving back too slow or your arms are too low)
        Your opponent saw it coming from a mile away.

        Watch Eiga's hiki men and note how quickly he scoots away from his aite after he executes the move.

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