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Jinkaisenjutsu, is it true?

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  • Jinkaisenjutsu, is it true?

    Is Jinkaisenjutsu a true form of swordsmanship? If so would you happen to know any information about it, or sources I could look up? My friend told me about it and I'm not sure if he was joking or not.

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    Hmm, I have never heard of it, and I know most of the arts (jutsu/jitsu)
    do you know anything about it? If I had the kanji for it I could say exactly what it is, but jin-kai-sen is rather variable...


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      I found this

      Search Results

      word-starting-with-pattern search of romaji jinkaisen in the main dictionary.

      One Match Found

      jinkaisenjutsu infiltration tactics; human-wave tactics


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        Wow so finally everyone catch'es on that it is a real style,
        How long have I been telling all of you XvikingX-san that it was a real style created by the Ryusaki family in Kumamoto Kyushuu. sorry for the intrusion My name is Gen'ei Ryusaki, and the style your asking about is not a sword style if your looking for the sword style you'll have to look up Daijingun Shinruyoko Tama-Ryu. Now how do I know, my family founded it, as you can see that there is no info on it any where is there not on the internet nor books. It is not related to any jitsu art or Karate. And may I ask why are you looking for something you cannot find. If you care to learn it you won't be able too there is no way. Just as how Kajukenbo is feirce the Jinkaisenjutsu students were known for being very adimiral opponents also in street fighting. But again another question Who is your friend because if he said it is a sword style I would like to know who he is.

        (List of Masters)

        Sho Ryusaki
        Mikishi Asano
        Meng Tai Rong
        Will song Choo
        Earl Tachibana
        Shojon Takamoro