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    dumbass girl..just because u can fight with a stick, dont get cocky......u dont know how to fight hand to hand....i have a friend like u,......arrogant and cocky because of kendo....but so weak in the art of hand to hand combat.

    and i dont kiss senseis' asses that i dont even know
    that might be customary for you people....but i dont talk to unfamiliar adults and suck up to them


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      Ninja Dojo


      If you want to learn more about ninjitsu techniques and available dojos there is a great website that is coorinated by and refers to many dojos including the Ninjitsu Dojo in Noda City in Chiba, Japan called the Bujinkan Dojo. It is famous for its teachings, although I really know little about it. Here is the website that lists information on techniques, videos, newsletters, and many articles. I am sure that you will be able to find what you are looking for.

      Best of luck to you and keep training.


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        thank you sir
        i appreciate it but i am already with a dojo
        i want to learn japanese sword fighting a bit
        but no
        cocky kendo nerds


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          Go to asshole

          Shut up, you arrogant little fuckwit.

          No-one cares if you insult them about their kendo because YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. If you did, you wouldn't have come here asking questions about the basics. And, since you know nothing, it would be best to keep your fat yap shut. Say what you like, but everyone thinks the same.


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            My fault, sorry about that. If you are interested in learning Japanese sword fighting, then maybe rather than learning about kendo, you can try a form like what is commonly (mistakenly?) referred to as kenjitsu. In Japan, they just usually call it kendo as well, but rather than wearing the armor they practice forms and techniques. The most common style that I have heard of is Shin-Kage Ryu. There is a website on the older styles called koryu at Here they have the same type of newsletters and articles. This is an interested website and there are many kinds of technique including how to disarm someone using a sword found at
            Maybe this will give you a better idea of the Japanese sword.

            Best of luck.


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              @admins: please don`t delete this great thread! It`s sooo funny!


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                TEW-RYU!!!!! LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

                *agree Chusan*


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                  this kid has insulted like 99% of anyone replying the post for no real reason at all.
                  hey, i resemble that remark!


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                    Originally posted by Tadaktsu
                    t lee u wanna learn.....ill start with the "skin-ripping" laymans terms
                    dude, thats awesome. do you like practice it on little squirrels? i can only throw poison darts at them using my blowgun.


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                      BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! you FAKE!!!!



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                      i wanna learn some basic kenjutsu strikes and blocks, etc.

                      if anyone does kenjutsu, can u describe them to me

                      and for others some sites where i can find this material?

                      thank you


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                        Thanks to Mr. Lee ^_^

                        Good job there just proves that this guy is a simple little moron, as we can all see...and his attitude is the same at that other forum too. Probably because they saw through his bullshit...


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                          lets please help him finda dojo in new jersey....



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                            Hmmm.. I wonder if they teach the ancient Ninjitsu art of 'How not to be a dick'.

                            If so, I'LL pay for his classes.


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                              If you are interested in kenjitsu, why don't you try a book? There is a good book about Kashima-Shinryu kenjitsu called "Legacies of the Sword," which you can get on You might also be interested in this link, which has a lot of kenjitsu information:

                              There is also another forum called

                              In case you are interested, the reason people are hostile to you on this forum is that a lot of people (college history professors, skilled martial artists, and others) don't believe that real ninjitsu exists anymore. There is some historical information that shows ninjas had totally lost their skills by the late 1800s. For example, there is a record of them being used as targets in snowball fights between little girls in Japan.

                              Please don't be offended. A lot of people are interested in ninjitsu, but if the skills have been forgotten, there's nothing anybody can do about it. If you are paying money to learn ninjitsu, I would suggest stopping and looking for a good traditional martial arts dojo in aikido, shotokan karate, goju-ryu karate, kendo, jujutsu, or judo. If you post your location, we can help you find a good dojo.


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                                Originally posted by Tadaktsu
                                i am 16.... u can practice at home, u dont have to take a class for everything

                                dont want to help
                                then go away
                                Wow, was i like that when I was 16? ignorence is a bliss yeah??! good luck with a whole lot of growing up kid.