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    Hey guys, I was wondering about the origins of Kendo No Kata.

    I know that Takano Susaburo played a vital role in organising the katas back in the day (please correct me if I'm wrong or inaccurate there!), but I was wondering what different ryu the katas were selected from.
    Does anyone know?


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    See here.


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      Here is some information on which ryuha the establishing committee members hailed from. The article also mentions Takano Sasaburo's Gogyo-no Kata, which he derived from Itto-ryu (Gogyo-no kata is also the name given to sets of kata in some flavors Itto-ryu). Takano's Gogyo-no Kata is still practiced by Tsukuba University kendo. Unfortunately, the article about Gogyo-no kata and Keishi-ryu no longer seems to be available. Some of the ryuha represented on the Nihon Kendo-no Kata committee are also represented in the kata of Keishi-ryu (which is still taught in Keishicho's Kendo Shidoshitsu to a select few).

      Unlike Keishi-ryu, ZNKR Seitei Iai, ZNKR jodo and Tsukuba University's Gogyo-no Kata, the Nihon Kendo-no Kata are not quite direct derivatives of kata from koryu ryuha. Rather, they are distillation of principles, particularly the first three, which are based on the concepts of sacrifice, mercy and wisdom (go all out to kill in Ippon-me, maim but not kill in nihonme and subdue but keep alive in sanbonme). Still, I bet if one were to research kata from the various contributing ryuha, one could probably see more direct influences to specific kata. Generally speaking though, the links are forgotten.

      There is also a Keishicho precursor to the Bokuto-niyoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keikoho. It is used for Keishicho kendo gradings up to 3-dan.


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        Originally posted by dillon View Post
        There is also a Keishicho precursor to the Bokuto-niyoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keikoho. It is used for Keishicho kendo gradings up to 3-dan.
        Adding to dillon's post, here is a cool video of the Keishicho kata, they announce the kata name and associated ryu-ha for each one.



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          Apologies for the confusion but I meant there is a set of bokuto kihon exercises that are used for up to 3-dan grading within Keishicho that are NOT Keishi-ryu Kidachi Kata set. I forget the name but it is very similar to Bokuto-niyoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keikoho in terms of basic content but with quite different reigi. Just from memory, the receiver (rather than the shiaijo manager) calls out the waza and then instructs the person executing the waza to cut with "ute". I was told that the set was the precursor to the Bokuto-niyoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keikoho adopted by ZNKR/IKF.

          Keishi-ryu Kidachi Kata is not used for any gradings, it is only practiced and disseminated within the Keishicho Kendo Shidoshitsu, basically by people who are full time kendo instructors. The rest of Keishicho do not practice it and are not taught the set. Outside of shidoshitsu, a few lucky people may be members of a dojo run by an ex-Keishicho shihan who decides to teach it within that dojo (extremely rare but not unheard of).