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  • Introductions

    Welcome ladies, and also any gents who want to see things from a different perspective

    OK, we've had a few posts recently concerning womens' perspectives:

    Shinai- Who uses a 38 shinai?

    Bogu- Replacing my Men and Do for short torso (ladies)

    How do people feel about shifting these over to the Women's Forum and sticky them up so there's some starting info?

    C'mon ladies, let's post up!


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    Hey, great to see a women's forum

    Keep up the good work!


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      Thanks Commander.

      I've put a few groundrules up, so all know where they stand. Any ideas on them, drop me a PM.

      Any other threads form the past you'd like see transferred to here, drop me a note too.

      Welcome on board!


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        Dear Green Arrow,

        I think the ladies section is a great idea. I will try to support you from a males perspective when needed. Good luck with your training.



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          Great idea, now it's a lot easier to find this kind of discussions. At first I thought "what a stupid idea", but when I started looking at the kind of issues being raised I realised I was the stupid one. A big yay! for this forum.


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            Wow! It actually happened! Nice! Now GreenArrow, we need a private thread-login-only to talk stuff about guys, hehehe JUST KIDDING!

            Hey seriously, I heard there was a kendo women organization a while back that was in California area. They have meeting every month or something. But there are none in my region. Don't know if they're still active. I think that's something we female Kendoka can help to expand on. I mean, a lot of Women think Kendo is just violent. We need to introduce the philosophical side of Kendo to women to get more women to practice Kendo. And also promote something like by taking their kids to practice Kendo with them can influent their kids in a more positive way. I don't know, I just type whatever comes into mind.

            Just babbling... bleh

            P.S. - Should we introduce ourselves a bit. Maybe we can get together one day to start the World Women Kendo Association or something?

            Name: Man (mon) Lu
            I practice at Minnehaha Kendo Club - Minneapolis, MN
            # of women there: 3 (we used to have 6!)
            Been practicing a year: started May 2005 and in bogu for about 4 months now.
            No rank yet though.


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              Hi Ladies,

              I've copied part of the thread over, so we can keep any introductions separate... good idea of Mugo's to introduce ourselves.

              Apologies if it looks a bit odd... still haven't QUITE got the hang of these moderation tools... (they don't come with instructions).

              Oh well...

              As for introducing myself...

              I'm (very) new to Kendo- started in January this year, not yet in bogu. Still very rubbish. I'd wanted to do Kendo for a while, but it was only recently that I have been able to make time to fit it in.

              My other big interest is archery (FITA Target)- hence the name over here, my first arrows were fletched and crested green! I must have been odd as a child, I always had an unhealthy fascination with bows and swords...

              To earn money I do contract consultancy work, health, safety & environmental based. Much of it in the construction industry so I am used to dealing with man-trolls... both on-site and back at the office.

              Other interests include woodworking and generally making things- and also I'm afraid I'm a keen gardener. Although my idea of "garden" tends to revolve around trees, bamboo, big rocks and water... I just don't do lawns.

              I also quite like the internet...

              What about the rest of you?


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                What's a man-troll?


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                  Originally posted by Michiyo Akimoto
                  What's a man-troll?
                  YOU! kidding


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                    I've been practicing kendo for almost 2 years now, still ok at it i suppose.
                    I regularly attend my local gym, i enjoy socialising, going out with friends.

                    I have a keen interest in flying, which i mostly do as a hobby, for now.

                    With regards to jobs, i work for the Student Loans Company in Glasgow, i administer loans for teachers (RTL scheme) which ended a while ago, i also enjoy the aspects of telephone and classroom coaching for new staff.

                    Other interests, hmmm i like to go out for a drink on a friday night with co-workers, have a laugh or two.

                    Typical Scottish-ness


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                      Originally posted by Commander
                      YOU! kidding


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                        Originally posted by Michiyo Akimoto
                        Hehehe, how pretty


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                          hajimemashite, doozo yoroshiku

                          Originally posted by Mugu
                          P.S. - Should we introduce ourselves a bit. Maybe we can get together one day to start the World Women Kendo Association or something?
                          Name: Shelly Ichishita
                          Home dojo: Honolulu Myohoji
                          Other dojos I practice at: Mililani, Aiea Taiheiji, Waipahu Seibukan, Kaimuki Honbu... I also practice Friday nights in Wahiawa and go to Saturday HAWK (Hawaii Association of Women Kendoists) practice before Seibukan practice.
                          # of females at home dojo: 6 (we used to have 8)
                          Started Kendo: November 2004
                          Got into bogu: February 2005
                          First taikai: Hawaii Kendo Federation 50th Anniversary Taikai
                          Other relevant details: started Iai in January 2006.

                          Hawaii has a women's kendo association that meets for practice once a week. If you'd like to check it out, the website is


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                            My name is Ali Craven, I train at the Murdoch University Kendo Club twice a week. I havent gotten the guts to train at some others as well, yet! Im a 5th kyu, have been doing kendo for a bit less than a year.
                            Theres about 3 girls at out club, plus one new chick who just made it through the beginners course. Shes about 4ft tall and tiny, but boy has she got spirit!!! If she sticks with it she will be awesome.

                            If anyone went to the Australian Nationals, I was the only person there in white bogu. Talk about standing out like dogs bollocks. I had the best time, even though I got smooshed into the dojo floor.

                            Im a geologist. Working in the mining industry means Im quite used to being the only girl, I can hold my own in a swearing comp, and drink copious amounts of beer.

                            My favourite thing about being a girl in kendo is letting rip with an extremely high pitched LOUD kiai. When I can follow it with a perfect men, Ill be stoked.


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                              My name is Caroline, and I practise at the budo club here in Linkping. I started 1,5-2 years ago and am still 4kyu (that's where we start ). We do have 4 practises a week this semester, but I have been lazy, and not shown up for that many practises. :/ There are currently 6 other girls doing kendo in my dojo.

                              I also practise and teach iaido in the club, so that's where I put most of my time and strength (hence being lazy about kendo). I'm hoping to represent Sweden in the shodan-class at the EC in Brighton this September.

                              Oh, and besides training I'm a biology student.