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    well LOL>. the guys in our club used to do that alot... and ever since our female vice-president layed down the martial law.. even senseis are forced to goto the men's change rooms..

    I think it's a good thing.. kendo is about respect, us guys should always respect the privacy and wishes of female kendokas..

    Let your president know.. maybe the committee can do sumfin... talk wif the sensei..


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      The men at my dojo (and some kids too) change out in the open. Us women change in the bathroom. I am not bothered when the men change...they do their thing and I do mine, and when I'm ready to change I head off. I don't feel forced to head off, I am just more comfortable doing the old bathroom thing. Culturally, having the men change out in the open is not uncommon. I don't think that the men feel that they are forcing you guys to leave in order to get changed. If you want, change out there with them. I prefer some measure of privacy when changing, but again, that's my preference. I don't let their changing disrupt me. I still put away my bogu and fold up my hakama and gi out there with them...I just mind my business and they mind theirs. No worries.


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        I very much agree with that statement. If I choose to wear my kilt to the highland games that only involves wrapping around body and shirt. When getting into hakamas it's the matter of stepping in pulling up front tying, then back etc. That's about 3 or less minutes for kilt and about what seems like 5 to 10 for hakama. Maybe I'll get better with practice. I'm still a beginner at all this.The ladies at our Texas Scottish Festival and Highland games has UT Arlington Maverick stadium locker room access. Some of these are locker rom hogs though.