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Why women wear white?

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    I wear white because I am an unmarried virgin.

    Cant wait for the day that i'm allowed to wear indigo, like all the other cool guys and gals in my dojo.


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      Originally posted by Kenshi View Post
      I wear white because I am an unmarried virgin.
      You're sending out all the wrong signals.
      You should not cut your mullet:

      or wear a wig:

      to appeal to - both genders equally.


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        Originally posted by ReKru View Post
        You should not cut your mullet
        Germans talking about mullets and giving out bi-sexual love advice..... I feel like im in a movie...


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          Originally posted by Kenshi View Post
          Germans talking about mullets and giving out bi-sexual love advice..... I feel like im in a movie...
          The corruption began since we started sharing an office with our british colleagues.

          And it's only 10 month - I wonder how far you can fall, if you -say- share an Island with them for centuries.


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            White doesn't strike me as being inherrently innapropriate for men. As Osakajinyan suggested earlier, though, it seems to work better in groups, to instill a sense of solidarity, elan, etc. It's still a team trademark for the Todai kendo-bu, I believe.

            I'm guessing they have the skills to back up such a strong visual statement.


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              Mum does your laundry?!? HA-HA !

              Originally posted by Alison2805 View Post
              Obviously you have never worn white, or have never had to wash your own clothes in your life. Im guessing its more the latter...
              YES! I would have to agree that people who think a white gi and hakama means an easier time in the laundry are kidding themselves (or yes, don't do their own washing).

              I've had 2 sets of white gi and hakama and they do not stay white no matter what you do. (you could bleach but that weakens the fabric).

              As far as the summer gi option goes, its not as if white is the only option. There are plenty of nice light weight blue gi on the market these days.


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                Alison - I've washed my own clothes since I was 10, thank you very much. For me, whites don't tend to stay bright in general utilitarian washing, but gi and hakama are either hand-washed or washed separately and gently anyway. Either way, I thought the point is not necessarily to look "shiny", but to be able to wash the stuff quickly for practices.


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                  Originally posted by samurai80 View Post
                  Yep. These are all the things that I heard.

                  The question still stands for KW. "Why do women wear white?".
                  To blind their opponents with the purest color. It's just like the concept of Orbitz gum. Nice and clean and sparkly. Cause I know not all guys wash their bogu after every practice. So it's only practical to blind them with something clean.

                  Diverting from that anwser,
                  I prefer not to wear white because I don't want it to be so obvious to a guy Im a girl. I would prefer for him to easily forget that fact and not go easy on me.

                  As to why white...Im not quite sure. I would assume it's because of the previous anwsers posted. But I have never really looked into it myself.