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My right heel hurts very much...

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    Originally posted by 44_49 View Post
    The linkage you gave is very helpful (flowers (flowers (flowers
    great link, thanks!


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      Originally posted by whosesoever View Post
      If it hurts very much, and you can afford it, I highly suggest you go see a physician. You have the rest of your life to do Kendo, but you only have one body, so take good care of it.
      Fortunetly it hasn't been getting so worse yet... I am planning to practice some "Zha Ma" to make my leg and waist stronger while I'm resting from normal kendo practice


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        Have you tried wearing very high stiletto heels.

        Won't help with the problem but you will get lots of admiring looks.

        just a thought


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          Also, please use indoor shoes if you don't already. Crockers are perhaps ugly but give a good support for the heel, and copies come cheap. Of course more expensive therapeutic indoor footwear is better. A club mate of mine use Five fingers .

          If you continue practice, a good idea is to buy a heel protector.

          Heel damages are nasty stuff, I hope you get better :S


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            As usual, I'm 6 months late with my reply. How did it work out for you with your injury?