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Transporting Hakama and Keigo-gi

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  • Transporting Hakama and Keigo-gi

    Hello again everyone, I had a second simple question, what do I carry my Keigo-gi and Hakama in? do I just carry it in my hands or is that taboo? If not, where do I put it in?

    Thanks, Heather

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    In a bag?


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      I'm assuming you're not in bogu yet, but already wearing hakama and gi, so don't have a bogu bag. Some of our students just carry it in their big purses and backpacks. Last time I checked there weren't any taboos for carrying hakama and gi in your hands, lol


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        Folded kendogi and hakama fit neatly into one of these, if you're the executive type. If you're into a younger hip look, then one of these might be an option. Seriously, though, your hands are the cheapest option.


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          You had mentioned being put into loaner bogu. So carrying the clothes folded up (usually above or below the bogu) in the bogu bag should work fine, unless the bogu bag is super small. I am also in loaner bogu though so I do still backpack my hakama and keikogi from time to time, when I am anticipating a super sweaty practice or when they smell bad, so the smell does not transfer so much to the bogu my sensei is nice enough to loan to me.


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            One could purchase a furoshige......... designed/made for this very purpose.

            Alternatively; purchse a piece of fairly soft [but reasonably robust] cloth; about 1 metre square will do.
            Place goodies in the middle; tie diametrically opposed corners to one another.
            Bob's your uncle.


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              Awesome! I think I'll do a combination of both UnimportantHero's and stilllearning's advice's, thank's you guys
              Heather ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )