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girls nearly/hitting puberty and difficulties.

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  • girls nearly/hitting puberty and difficulties.

    my two girls are both 8 and 10 and have played kendo for 3-4 years. lately they have been having stomach aches and head aches and my wife believes its all due to the changes. as a male i have zero idea on how these changes could affect kendo and sometimes wonder if they are putting it on or whether they are actually suffering and i need to ease up. any experiences or advice would be really appreciated.

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    That is a tough one. I can say hormones do have a lot to answer for. I can get quite sensitive to pain at certain times of the month, one week I may receive a hit and have no problem, the following week receiving the same hit will have me on the verge of tears. You haven't said when these aches and pains are occurring ie during training or afterwards. Assuming that you've checked things like the fit of bogu etc, one thing you may want to consider is whether or not your girls' headaches or stomach pains are their way of trying to communicate that they're not happy with something that is going on. Have a quiet talk to each of them to see if they have any concerns or are unhappy about something. I think one of the most important things you can do as their dad is to take them seriously. PS: 8 and 10 years seems rather young to be approaching/starting puberty.


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      definately hitting puberty says my wife. many of the head aches and stomach aches are possibley stress as aged nearly 9 and 10 they want to be at home playing video games. but i say we are a kendo family and because my eldest has a firery temper its good to balance that out and my youngest is really good at kendo. i do let them have the odd practice off but encourage them too. my hope is when they get to junior high school the girls there will pull them in to join the school's club and then all girls together can share their likes and dislikes. but thats not for another 18 months. bogu is all good, new hakama and keigogi to be girly and everything and anything they want or need. just the club has a general bad atmosphere which im trying to change by being motodachi and encouraging all kids. little by little its working. anyway thank you tasha. i have no idea of girls kendo feelings and too afraid to ask the female teachers.


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        I would agree, but keep on encouraging them! I stopped doing my sports when I hit this point in my life, and I regret it now, even though I have now found sports that I love just as much as Swimming and much more than Karate. I also had a bad atmosphere where I trained, and I had pretty much the exact same thing happening, actually with the video games, the exact same thing. It goes away after a while, but it is a long while, so just keep on encouraging them, but let them have some time off when it gets real bad or else they will really want to stop.


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          Thank you MikalMysha - i see it as an age thing. i see many other kids wanting to quit other hobbies and be lazy and get into their video games. even many kids at the club want to quit as have kids at other clubs. of course i want them to enjoy it and i never pressure them at competitions. win, lose or draw showing your best kendo is a win in my books. so they always get praised and rewarded. but i understand their want to break free but its for their health and stress levels and in the future the ability to cope with society - two western looking girls in the countryside of japan, they will have their share of battles and i want to prepare them mentally to be at peace with themselves through kendo and knowing their gifts of ability. ive just got back from the budokan where i bought loads of kendo related items for them to feel more motivated. i will try anything to keep them going. thank you for sharing your experience - its a relief to know.