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bras with hard cups, yes or no?

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  • bras with hard cups, yes or no?

    I have been having a problem with my sports bras, basically I have pain in my breast every time I receive a tai-atari, and padded bras are not doing nothing for me. I've been thinking in getting a bra with hard protective cups, something light like this one to not interfere much on the doh.
    Just got the feeling that they are not very popular among the the kendoka ladies, so I would like to know if some of you feel the need of having this special protection? Do you use this type of bra? Do you think it can help or is just silly to wear one under a bogu?

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    I'm not sure about the bra. The problem probably lies on the Tai-Atari. To do a Tai-Atari, we use Hara (lower abdomen) to meet/receive the impact. While doing Tai-Atari, the back muscles and the hip muscles are the source of energy. So there should be minimum contact on the chest area?


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      It's true that we're supposed to give and receive tai-atari from the hips. However, inexperience causes us to fling our upper bodies forward and keeps our arms up and size differences can place the center of gravity in awkward spots if the disparity is large enough.

      To answer your question, I should first preface this by saying that, as a guy, I don't know all that much about bras. One thing I have heard is that some women have issues with properly fitting bras so, if you haven't been fitted for your specific chest size, it's one way to go that might make receiving tai-atari less painful. I would think that having hard cups would make matters worse since Kendo involves quite a bit of close contact that might overstrain the extra protection.

      Another route would be to, if you haven't done so already, ask your sensei about properly receiving tai-atari correctly. It could be as simple as placing your body in a different position.


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        I have to say... it is kinda spooky to give an advice on such thing in woman's forum... That includes me... so I am out...