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4th Oceania Women's Kendo Seminar & Taikai

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  • 4th Oceania Women's Kendo Seminar & Taikai

    The Fourth Oceania Women's Kendo Seminar & Taikai

    Kendo playing women and girls! We would love to see you at our women focussed kendo seminar, to be held in Melbourne, Australia on Friday May 27-29, 2016.
    We have some excellent instructors attending the event.
    More details are on the Australian Kendo Renmei website, the link is below.

    The key instructors are -
    Professor Okada Morimasa Sensei (Kyoshi 8-dan, Nittaidai Men's Team Coach)
    Okada Misao Sensei (Renshi 7-dan, Nittaidai)
    Sakurai Yoshiko Sensei (Renshi 6-dan, Nittaidai OG, Kanagawa University Assistant Professor)
    Shinzato Chikano Sensei (Renshi 6-dan, Nittidai Women's Team Coach)
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