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  • Flying with you Iaito

    Is there anyone here that knows the rules for travelling abroad with your Iaito by 'plane? Do you have to put it in a special case? and is there any other special considerations.

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    In the past I've used a golf club case and a rifle case and didn't have any problems. Of course you always worry about it... But I didn't list them as "weapons" either, if asked I said "sports equipment" or something like that. I just flew from the US to Canada, which isn't really strict anyway. Even flying with shinken should be no big deal as long as it's in a solid case, though in that case you'd need to specify you were carrying a weapon.


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      last couple of times I went to japan I only had a little hassle. Use one of those KIS cases, you can get a couple of bokken /shinai /iaito in it. One thing to do is remove all tsuba and add a piece of leather to protect the koiguchi on iaito.

      Tim Hamilton


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        Traveling with Weapons

        I think on most airlines you can check almost any martial arts weapons you want to travel with. You just need to declare what you have and it has to be checked baggage. Forget carry on, those days are over. Remember to pack you equipment to protect it from damage and insurance is a great idea if it is valuable stuff. The only thing I would highly recommend it to check with the country you are going to as to what you are allow to enter the country with as there may be some restrictions.