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MJER seminar Leeds 8,9,10 September

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  • MJER seminar Leeds 8,9,10 September

    Eikoku Roshukai are hosting a seminar at the Middleton Leisure Centre in Leeds on 8th, 9th, and 10th September inclusive.
    Itinerary as follows: Start prompt at 9:30 am, finish 4 pm.
    Friday - morning tachi uchi no kurai, afternoon seiza no bu
    Saturday - morning tachi uchi no kurai or tate hiza no bu, afternoon tate hiza no bu
    Sunday - summary of previous days seiza no bu and tate hiza no bu, afternoon national grading.
    Fees - 20 per day
    Please bring the following if possible: bokken, iaito, training kit, and lunch. Some equipment may be available to loan if you notify in advance...
    Light Refreshments as usual are provided throughout the day.

    All welcome regardless of skill level or association. Please note however that there is a Robbie Williams concert the same weekend and hotels are filling fast... so get your accomodation booked quickly!

    For further information please p.m. me...

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    thought id best rekindle this thread as the seminars less than a week away-wahoo.
    its my annual holiday destination, cant wait.
    so deducing from another thread, john tee will be there, who else is going?


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      Me. and Neil and Steve and Mark and Brian and some students. In fact lots of people who I know, and some I don't know - yet. It'll be busy and so will you....


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        Originally posted by chidokan
        It'll be busy and so will you....
        jolly good