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MJER seminar Ozu March 19th

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  • MJER seminar Ozu March 19th

    for all those lucky so and so's in Japan, there is a seminar being run for the benefit of Europeans in Ozu (near Matsuyama) at the Seinen no Ie there.

    Instructors are led by Iwata Norikazu sensei, and there is usually at least eight of his students (all nanadan plus...) in attendance to help out. Note no junior Japanese are allowed to attend (junior meaning below 5th dan ) the seminar runs over the weekend and into the following week and lasts up to five days (depending on how long you can all last... )

    There is a large contingent coming over from various european countries and it is well worth attending. You usually end up with a hachidan giving you his time all week... with no-one else interfering...I tend to find I make a lot of notes, and come away tired but head buzzing with new stuff.
    The more who go, the cheaper it is...

    These are twice a year, the next one is usually around November, so for any westerner who fancies going to this you are more than welcome. Be warned I will be there next time...