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  • MSER Issues in Buenos Aires

    Hello to everyone...
    This is the first time Im posting in the forum. The truth is that Im doing it because I feel deeply touched by what has been discussed here about the issue in MSER in Buenos Aires.
    More than one year had passed since I stopped myself from speaking. First because I was scared, and then because I just didnt have enough strength.
    But I can no longer stand the lies, the madness, and the hypocrisy.
    I was Oscar Cirones student, and I left his Dojo on my own will.
    I left after going through a really hard situation that involved a lot of Sempais of mine leaving or being kicked out without any explanation.
    All of you may be wondering why I left Cirone or in which way my experience relates to the things discussed here before... Well, what I have learnt from what I went through is that Oscar Cirone is a lier, not a Samurai, and Im no longer afraid of speaking out.
    I have solid proofs to back up what Im saying:
    -It has already been a long time since Oscar Cirone stopped teaching to his students: he made the Sempais pay for their lessons, but they ended up teaching while Cirone is at the Dojos entrance smoking a cigarette.
    -Even though he is a part of the Eishin Ryu Association he still teaches Seitei just to make money on the side: He charges for the exams and forces the students to sit for them even if they are not ready.
    -He spends a lot of time preaching about Bushido, but is just that, no more than cheap preaching because he is just an egomaniac and selfish person indulging himself with the power that Sekiguchi Sensei gave to him. No one could stop him so he turned into a Dictator. The only thing that he cares about is money: he sells defective swords to his students and doesnt stand for their failures. He embezzled the schools money and then dismissed the schools treasurer to cover his back. Moreover, he bleamed the treasurer of stealing the schools money and threatened her to take her to court.
    -He creates lies about the people that doesnt agree with him, to the point of slander them. And also he promotes hate against other martial arts. Specially Ninjutsu or Korean Martial Arts.
    -He takes advantage of his own Soke, Sekiguchi Sensei, because he can only speak Japanese. So Cirone lies to him to conceal the real ongoing situation on the school. When Sekiguchi Sensei comes to Buenos Aires Cirone doesnt translate Sokes words nor he translates to him what the rest of the people says. After Sekiguchi Sensei speaks to the students during the seminars Cirone instead of interpreting he just says: "He said that all of you are a bunch of a**holes..."
    -Cirone hides information about the martial art itself. Since he doesnt want to teach he doesnt want anyone to learn: he keeps his students away from any kind of knowledge about Iai-Jutsu techniques. He doesnt allow people to obtain books or videos online. The students dont have access to the videos from Sekiguchis seminar in Buenos Aires, that were recorded with the Schools money. He keeps them for his own. He just sells to the students a copy containing not even one Kata. And he forbids the students from sharing information between them.
    -Does it make sense that he registered the name of several martial arts styles under his name, with the excuse of protecting the Ryus??? That is disgusting... This person, that is nothing but a lier, registered under his name several Koryus just to make money. And then to make even more money taking to court anyone that wants to use those names.

    I could go on and on... This is my truth, and the truth of a lot of my partners and Sempais that are no longer in that school.
    There is people that doesnt think what I think, and that still support him. Some of them act in this way because they still believe in him, or because they are just like him. Some others dont trully know him yet. And also there is people that just cares about practising without taking into account other peoples suffering, the honor, the values, or the soul of the art itself.
    But not me, not anymore...