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Roshukai MJER summer seminar

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  • Roshukai MJER summer seminar

    This year the seminar is 21st and 22nd September, 9:30 -4pm both days, at Middleton Leisure Centre in Leeds.
    Cost is 20 per day, light refreshments provided, bring a packed lunch.

    Usual split between beginners, intermediate, and senior student groups, all welcome as per usual invite, ie you need to work and study hard!

    Some time is being put aside for Oe sensei's seven Tachi Uchi No Kata, and (if we get those finished!) also Kurai.

    Please note the insurance does NOT cover shinken at major seminars, so iaito and bokken only please...

    For further info please pm me..

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    I have been asked to remind people that the START is 9:30 PROMPT, the centre is open in plenty of time to get changed, have a chat etc...

    All senior Roshukai teachers will be present, a couple of which are just back from Japan, so its a good opportunity to ask questions and have a couple of hard days training to get that new information into the notebook and your head!


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      update for Debz as she couldn't make it....what a peaceful day!

      usual group split, after warm ups moved on to tachi uchi no kata for the beginners, kurai for seniors. Afternoon, moved on to selected waza to show progression through the sets of, say, sune gakoi etc... tomorrow will go through more of what we were doing from the last visit in Japan.
      Good turn out with the usual old faces and a lot of new ones.... Should be even more fun tomorrow! Alison was asking how you were getting on in Stella town... send her a note...


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        ah i wish i could be there
        though i can train everyday here im suffering withdrawal of being shouted at

        glad the day was good

        how was the turn out

        wish bob and any others grading luck for me
        and my regards to ian cliffy neil mark et al.

        my regards back to alison
        i will facebook her tommorrow

        on the site it says theres a 2 day seminar on nottingham in october
        now i have a job i will have the flight fee, sort of
        but no time to go grrg

        keep me posted about tommorrow
        and maybe the main points so i can work on them myself also?


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          will send you a note on the main points as there isn't enough space here... Steve, Mark, and I gave the seniors a hard time today on okuden though, while Neil, Brian etc killed off the beginners...
          Time flew over so fast, couldnt believe we hit the photo session so fast! I am babysitting Iwata sensei's sword ready for next weekend, and will take it down to Brian's for his October seminar.
          Sensei has been a little ill over the summer due to the heat, but Nishimoto s. has been to see him and he is back to normal and planning the November seminar.... there is a good few already booked and ready to go over for what we think should be a very intense week. He is asking for questions if you can't make it...send them to me for adding to the list....


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            groovy cheers

            i need both the beginner and okuiai tips i think

            how did people do with gradings and stuff?


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              we are doing the gradings seperate to main seminars from now on...and a prerequisite to the grading is we see you at seminars. That way we can do loads more training on the main seminar and get the junior instructors working harder and doing local seminars!


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                good plan