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    Just to add a good link for books direct from Japan (a little late I know) is they also have videos and a small selection of english books.

    Oh, no! My creditcard is going to die! Just the link my finances didnt need!


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      gomen! I will try to live with the guilt


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        Nice to see that there are buyable books and videos, but are there any more videos on the net for free?
        Im a kendoka but I like to watch those videos.
        Thanks for helping.


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          heres one although there are not many about. I was posting one tachi uchi no kurai waza at a time on mine, but as I have 55Mb of space and each waza is 36Mb, it would be sometime before all of them were up.... its probably why you dont see many...


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            msr vids

            That's a pretty extensive resource. Best I've found, and it's MSR! A bit suprising to me, at least, it seems there are far more MJER practitioners out there.

            The Nishi Kaigan (sp?) website used to have a few kata up.


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              If I was to recommend abook for seitei gata I would recommend this one
              (Sorry about the link but I don't know if the forum supports kanji)
              Videos for MJER
              I would recommend
              Both are the videos made by the Great Iwata Sensei (I think Chidokan would vouch for him
              As for books I would recommend
              Iwata sensei's book
              and Mitani Sensei's
              This book is fabulous and comprises of about 2000 photographs that illustrate the techniques brilliantly.

              I wouldn't like to dictate where to buy your Japanese imports but I think you might find buying them from or another Japanese company such as might actually save you quite abit of money.


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                iwata sensie is top man

                get anything by him especially the videos

                he never ceases to amaze when he comes over

                how can a 90 yr old man bend that far back in uke nagashi when i cant do it at the age of 20?

                he really likes toffees too


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                  He also 'acquired' a large quantity of fudge from me while we were at Keswick...hmm, perhaps I have found a culprit for the missing cream egg...
                  Rottunpunk, You WON'T bend that far, not CAN'T, idle students, mutter, mutter, moan, moan... I will not accept the fact that you have broken your legs while younger, they should have healed by now....

                  Tim Hamilton