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  • Okehampton Iaido Seminar

    We have extended the application date for the popular Okehampton Koryu seminar this year. Last year was a great success and I am hoping to build on that. The seminar is aimed primarily at BKA MJER students who are in the Oshita Sensei and Morita Sensei lines.
    Please distribute this to your dojo members. We still have places available, but must hand back rooms not used to the hotel by mid September, so please get you applications in quickly before we run out of time

    At the summer seminar last week Oshita Sensei and Morita Sensei consolidated their Koryu teaching so that everyone in Europe under either teacher are now all doing the same style of MJER. This means that there have been many small changes for us all in order to accommodate this union of very similar ryuha. The seminar at Okehampton is the first opportunity for everyone who was not at the BKA seminar to begin taking these changes on board. Please support me in supporting the Senseis by taking this opportunity to get your practice in line with Sensei's teaching

    For those who practice MSR we have 2 rokudan teachers to keep you equally busy

    We are having some web site troubles, so please e-mail me or PM me and I'll send you an application form. Please share this information with your dojo members.

    Peter West