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2009 All Japan Iaido Taikai Results

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  • 2009 All Japan Iaido Taikai Results

    I was at the 44th All Japan Iaido Taikai in Shimabara yesterday. It was a day of excellent iaido from start to finish: the shiai was followed by enbu from around 90 eighth dan and two ninth dan sensei.

    I've posted the results on my blog, along with a few photos. I've copied the final results below:

    5 Dan Division
    First place: Shosuke Hirose, Nagasaki.
    Second place: Tsuneyuki Imai, Niigata.

    6 Dan Division
    First place: Takuji Yamasaki, Shizuoka.
    Second place: Shinobu Takagi, Nagasaki.

    7 Dan Division
    First place: Kazuki Morishima, Kanagawa.
    Second place: Kazuhiro Tsukimi, Nagasaki.

    Because of their placement in all three finals, Nagasaki took first place in teams.

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    Thank you for taking the time to post this. It must have been a little overwhelming, I imagine, to see all that skill in one place at one time.


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      @Oroshi - - nice pic of Yamasaki S doing - - Oroshi.....


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        Nice pictures, 90 hachi dans in one place thats amazing.


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          Thank You for your post!

          I really love Shimabara, I'm in love with this city.
          One of my best memories of Japan are my days in Shimabara.
          Lovely city, awesome castle, and samurai streets, perfect onsen, and indescriptible landscape with the sea and the litle islands.