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  • Japanese Speak on swords

    I have been looking to buy a (safe) sword for Iaido recently, now I have been lucky enough to find a dojo near to home. The school practices Eishin-Ryu Iaido.

    The various web sites I have visited have a good choice, but I'm confused by the Japanese wording to discribe the types of swords.

    Does anyone know the difference between Higo, Jidai and Migitoh types of sword please, and what type I should buy for the above style.

    I have been looking at the Musashi Koshirae at several stores.

    I HAVE tried to word search on the forum the above words but to no avail.



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    If you have a school, you must have a teacher now. So please ask him for his recommendation and follow his advice. Probably he just wants you to use bokken for now.


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      As far as I know, Higo and Jidai have no real differences other than the way the end of the tsuka is constructed. Mogito I believe are more for kata demonstration (which means that they're typically heavier to withstand the impact during kata demonstration). Note that depending on the specific ryuha of iai that you practice, not only the tsuka, but the curvature and length of blades typically used can be drastically different. So as Neil said, it would be very important to go through these issues with your sensei.


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        I've also come across Tokujo and Gokujo. No idea what they mean though. Gokujo all seem to be replications of famous swords from what I can tell.


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          Higo is a more circular end of the tsuka, and Jidai is square, kind of flat.

          Higo :::::: D

          Jidai ::::::I


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            Hi HEIJO,
            I don't really know about Iaido only kendo , But you do not have to get confused about the Japanese names. They are just brands. If it was a Bokken I would ask to hold it and even swing it if permitted, think about how it feels, how it looks where it is made where the balance is the price. Also try and find out what other people doing Eishin-Ryu use, some katana are long and some short.

            On the other hand you could pick one you like. Then get another later when you learn what kind of katana you like.