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National Iaido Championships in Mexico

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  • National Iaido Championships in Mexico

    Hi, guys,

    I know this may not be of any interest to most, but thought I should share.

    Next September, my State Kendo & Iaido association (TenKen Ryuu) is hosting the National Iaido Championships of the Mexican Kendo Federation in Guadalajara, Mexico.

    This is big news, as Iaido has lacked proper spreading in Mexico due to the focus to Kendo and, to my knowledge, this is only the 2nd. Nationals ever done in Mexico (the previous one was in 2008). So we're inviting any one around Mexico to join us in this event, in hope to spread the knowledge and interest for Iaido in our country and abroad.


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    Quick update!

    This weekend we're gonna be holding the State Iaido Championships, in preparation for the Nationals next month.

    Will bring the pics soon!


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      It's really sad to bring these news up, but due to schedule conflicts, the Mexican Kendo Federation has cancelled the 2010 Nactional Iaido Championship.

      That said, we'll keep working on, and wait for next year Championship.