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    I'm currently studying MSR and Tenshinsho Jigen ryu.
    Last week I over herd my sensei explaining to a guest that our Jigen style is different from the one studied in kyushu (or something like that). I didn't want to interrupt their conversation at the time. But I was just wondering if there are different styles of Jigen?

    Also I did a quick search on the web but I didn't find too many useful information on Jigen. Does anyone know any good sites? Or if there are any movie clips for Jigen similar to the one posted for MSR or MJER.

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    The Jigenryu people down in Kagoshima like my ryu are not much into computers. More into practice. I doubt if you will find much. There is a veritable wealth of kobudo down there with list as thick as a magazine. But Kagoshima is "Kagoshima" Its martial history is strong with action against the rest of Japan.