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    Does anyone own or have any experience with Iaito from Hanwei Forge by Paul Chen. right now, im looking at buying an iaito with a nami hamon, a cotton and white same, wooden saya and iron and copper fittings. The blade is made out of a carbon steel/ zinc alloy that is supposed to be very strong yet very light, and its held in place by a single mekugi. It seems like a very good iaito for a very resonanble price... any advice or experience with/on this Iaito?

    Here is an extreamly detailed view of this sword
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    Good swords with lots of positive feedback on the nami iaito. Only complaints i've heard is the sword rattles in the saya but its easily fixed.


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      It is as these pictures show it. I just got one. Very nice, except for the rattling. If I could get help on this it'd be nice. or
      The first has them at US$175 plus shipping and the second store will match the other's store price.
      Good luck!


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        any order from J-Armory

        Found the link and the swords look nice...anyone actually order from them. Anything positive..negative...