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    During some techniques in Omori Ryu the grip is reversed when performing noto, for example Ukenagashi and Tsuke Komi. I am under the impression that one should always be in a position to draw the sword again quickly in case of further attackers, and so that suki is not presented. Would you be expected to return to a normal grip and perform nukitsuke as usual in this situation or are there ways to draw and cut quickly from the reversed grip?

    I am new to Iai, so please let me know if this question is irrelevant/silly


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    I let the more advanced practitioners (in iaido and English language ) answer to this but just to say, you should turn your right hand (palm?) during the noto to top of the tsuka so that you're able to quickly draw your sword again. I'm MSR practitioner myself but this should do in Eishin Ryu also?

    Question was not silly nor irrelevant


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      Not quite on topic, but there's a really interesting left handed draw in the final scene of either Yojimbo or Sanjuro, can't remember which.

      If you've not seen either of these films, then I can recommend them. They are avaiable relatively cheaply as BFI (British Film Institute) editions from Amazon.


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        Its Sanjuro with the left handed draw at the end.