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  • favorite kata?

    im new in this community and i wanted to know how long have u trained and what is your favorite kata?

    i practice iaido for about 5 months(in mjer) and my favorite kata's has to be tsukakate(4) by far. dont know why really,maybe its because its the kata i have the most trouble with(still havin some trouble with teta) so im focus on it so much that its became more then a regular kata i know of.

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    I've trained for 2 years. I don't have *a* favourite kata, but I am... particularly enamoured? by some kata more than others. You have to like Mae, because it contains all you need to know, and it's usually the one you do best anyway. I like the last seitei kata, Nukiuchi very much, because it's so "simple" and elegant. Step back to avoid the cut, step back in to end the fight. No nonsense! From Shoden (Muso Shinden Ryu) I like, among others, Inyoshintai and Gyakuto. Both are very dynamic and action-packed. Several of the Chuden kata are very cool but excrutiatingly difficult to do with flow, such as Ukigumo. Okuden... the one where you draw and resheath the sword three times in a row, perhaps (I've forgotten the name)? The bunkai is very obscurantist -- you're walking along a small path between some rice fields, and are ambushed several times in a row! You can almost picture yourself as Ogami Itto with a bunch of Yagyu assassins lying in wait...


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      Kaishaku just because of the significance of the action.


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        Training: around 5 months
        Fav. kata: Uke Nagashi... or better, the MSR Omori version
        Reason: its just cool + cool noto

        The Chuden stuff I spyed on... at this stage looks rather difficult... So I am not commenting on it now


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          I like Shihoto, sono ni cause you get to kill four people in one go, and it's much more Iaijutsu than Iaido in philosophy.

          Also I like Oroshi, I find Tate-hiza easier these days than Seiza and the blade work's quite pretty.


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            I've been training around 9 months I think...

            I quite like Yae Gaki from the Omori Ryu set, as it has all the aspects of Mae, but with some extras thrown in. And I like the idea that you are aware enough to block the opponents last ditch attempt to cut your leg, before cutting him down altogether.

            Having said that I like Tsuke Komi as well because of the unusual chiburui.


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              2 months here. Shato is my favorite.


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                I've been doing iai for about 4.5 years, and while there's several kata I don't care for, I don't think I have a favorite. I like the first few chuden kata because they're so low and quick. I like ukigumo because of the complexity of the bunkai. I like iwanami cuz it's sneaky. I actually like the seitei version of ukenagashi more than I like the koryu version (ryuto in MSR) because it's got a nice flow to it. I don't like seichuto (tsukikage) cuz I'm still always stepping on my hakama.