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mjer and seitei iaido

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  • mjer and seitei iaido

    Could anyone tell me the difference between these styles?

    cheers Michael

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    MJER is a koryu. Has a long history, with different branches. Arguably most widely practised iai in the world besides MSR.

    Seitei is a set of iaido katas compiled by the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei in the 60s. The katas were taken from different koryus.


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      Thanks !

      cheers Michael


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        as you have GSX1100 as a moniker, think of MJER as the GSX and seitei as the Honda 50....they are both bikes but one is for beginners. (and who wants to be seen riding a 50cc... )


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          Thanks for the analogy lol.

          Why do you look on Seitei as a beginners iaido? I'm not offended by the way just would like to know



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            Well..... because Seitei means "fundamental". It's a fundamental Kata. A series of made up movemets taken from original "technique"

            When it was introduced to the world the ZNKR spoke man said that's what it was. He said, "Anyone wishing to develop further should try to practice on of the many Ryu's. Thats why you do techniques of a ryu as well as seitei kata as the advance in ZNKR rank.

            Some where I have the original text of the speech that was given at the first World Taikai.


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              Thanks again for expanding on the thread ! If you do manage to stumble over it I'd love to read it.

              regards Michael