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    Sad news for those who knew Haruna sensei, iaido Hanshi 8th dan... He passed away yesterday, saturday 14th 2002.

    A real 'gentleman' left us...

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    I just received this message of Trevor Jones', forwarded from a UK connection
    of mine.

    My heart is heavy. May he RiP.

    Iai practice will not be the same without Haruna-s. as his influence extended
    to the AEUSKF.

    All of us who trained with him need to remember what he taught us, and now
    carry on his legacy.

    Most sincerely,
    Raymond Sosnowski
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    Raymond Sosnowski
    Kaicho: Northeast Naginata Dokokai, Ashton, MD;
    Assist. Instructor: Miyako Kyudojo, Silver Spring, MD;
    Zenko International, Boulder, CO;
    member: Seidokai Kendo/Iaido Dojo, University of Guelph, Ontario;
    member: Beikoku Rembukan Dojo, Severna Park, MD;
    member: Japan Society of Boston, Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Association,
    Shingetsukai/US; Japanese Sword Society/US;
    former Assist. Instructor: Doshikai Kendo/Iaido Dojo. Acton, MA.
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    -------------Forwarded Message-----------------
    Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 23:28:30 -0400
    From: "Rick at" <>
    Subject: RE: just a quick note....
    To: "'Stephen Rinehart'" <>
    Cc: Raymond Sosnowski <>

    Hi Stephen and Ray,

    I'm sorry. I've lost many teachers over the years and it's a sad thing.


    ...-----Original Message-----
    ...From: Stephen Rinehart []
    ...Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2002 4:42 PM
    ...To: Rick at
    ...Subject: just a quick note....
    ...Hi Rick,
    ...Just thought I'd pass this on to you... I don't have Ray's email, so if could forward it to him, he'd probably like to know....
    ...Dear Friends,
    ... I am writing to inform you that Haruna Matsuo Sensei
    ... passed away in hospital in the early hours of this morning, Saturday
    ... September 14th, 2002.
    ... Please pass on this information to our Iaido colleagues
    ... and send any condolences care of my address, Kutsugi 305-1, Mimasaka-Cho,
    ... Aida-Gun, Okayama-Ken, Japan. 707-0042.
    ... Thank you.
    ... Trevor.


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      Our deepest condolences from the Kendo World Team.



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        How unfortunate. I did not know the man, but the thought of losing my sensei is very distressing. In the end words and wishes are just words. However, my condolences.



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          Met him at the kyoto taikai with Trevor. Although he didnt remember me he remembered my son, mainly because of his blonde hair and his seriousness at such a young age (12 at the time)! He looked really ill then, but of course wouldnt admit it..
          My own teacher is 90 this year, and has a fatalistic approach to it all. He expects us to carry on when he dies and take over where he left off. This comes as a bit of a shock when you realise he expects us to teach as well as he does and is a great responsibility. I used to find it quite upsetting when he talks about his death in such a matter of fact manner, but am getting used to it. It is typical of his approach to life, we all have to go sometimes!
          He has donated a sword to be kept at the front of the club when we practise to remind us of him, a really nice gesture.

          Tim Hamilton