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  • e-bay

    what do you think of buying an iato on e-bay?

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    Okay, if you're into awful Chinese knock-offs of "Ancient Japanese" swords or unbelievably expensive antiques. Some fo the Paul Chen stuff is nice, but I've never felt any first hand.


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      This sellers iaitos are true japanese iaitos and are the best bang for your buck in the cheap iaito category. Easily better than the low end hanwei offerings you really can't go wrong with a sword from this guy. The hanwei swords also aren't bad but they aren't great either, you get what you pay for with the nami iaito. Any other swords on ebay though i would be wary off honestly. You may want to check with for reviews on some of the mainstream hanwei stuff as that site is a great tool for sword enthusiasts.


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        WOW! * VERY * Nice. I misspoke earlier; I had not seen these in the dozens of pages of "Katana" on eBay. Thanks for enlightening me!



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          He also has many many more swords that he can get, if you get in contact with him he has a site with all the different swords he can obtain and he can also work with you on the price. Also if you have something in mind that you want but don't see right off the bat (such as measurements, color, weight, price, etc) you may want to email him that so he can tell you what he has that matches the best.

          He is a top knotch guy, i bought from him before and i would happily buy from him again.


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            thank you!


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              Gichudo is a great seller.

              After Blenda told me about Gichudo and the good experience he had with him I bought the Magoroku Iaito ( from Gichudo and I'm very pleased with this Iaito. The service of this seller is great and his email response is fast. He takes his time to answe your questions. The shipping is very fast too. I got my Iaito after 4 days when it was shipped.

              Thanks Blenda for your advice. I have this Iaito for nearly 2 months and it is still performing very well. The quality of this Iaito is very good. Thus my conclusion is that the Iaito's from Gichudo are a safe and worthy buy.




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                Man i should be on commission for this guy lol, apparently you are the 5th person to buy a sword from him after talking to me. Surely i deserve maybe some dual color silk sageo =)


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                  I also just bought an iaito from him i can not wait to recive it... thank you for your recomendation