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  • Newbie Looking For A Dojo

    Hello Everyone,

    As most of you know i have just started kendo and the other day after kendo practice i seen iaido for the first time in real life. It was done by a young man at our dojo who is one of the top people in the world. I was amazed and the gracefulness and concentration that he had and i was wondering does anybody know of a iaido dojo anywhere in southern florida. I mean down towards, fort lauderdale and miami. I am not sure if he is qualified to teach but i do need to ask him.

    Any info would be great so just pass it along!!

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    Iaido Instructor

    Kendo15.....I know someone who may be able to help you find a legitimate iaido instructor in South Bob Elder(spelling) at East Coast Martial Arts Supply in Orlando....Bob in vary invovled in the Sword Arts Community if Florida especially Toyama Ryu.....his number is 407-896-2487...I have visited his shop and found him to be vary interested in helping anyone interested in martial arts.....perhaps he can recommend someone in your part of the state......if you are doing kendo....don't overlook the possibility of acess to the ZNKR Seitei Iaido....this is a more that excellent approach to iaido for anyone perhaps your kendo sensei can be of help....always start for this young man you speak of.....certainly I can not comment on his ability but there is a certain contradition in being young and one of the best in the world in a traditional martial art.....of course my out look on young changes every day as does my opinion of what is old......Gambate Jerry


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      Don't you need to have ikkyu to start iaidou? You need to attain at least that rank in Japan before you can start. I don't know about America.



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        Originally posted by Confound
        Don't you need to have ikkyu to start iaidou?
        I'm assuming that you mean ikkyu in kendo. I've never ever heard of such a thing. A lot of practitioners do both kendo and iaido, because the 2 arts are complimentary, but they are certenly not dependant. There are some who choose to do iaido without ever picking up a shinai, and there are many that do kendo that never do iaido.

        There are also many flavours of iai and two major governing bodies in Japan, each with a different emphasis.


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          Thanks for all of the replies. Jerry i will try and get a hold of Bob elder. I have read about toyama ryu, and it would be something that i am interested in, but it is to far away. But also i have been on the look out for any info so please keep passing it along. As to the ikkyu rule i don't think i have ever heard of anything like that. But if it is i better start training more!!!


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            a friend of mine visited Miami last year and found a dojo there. (lets face it you've got to keep your hand in on holiday!!) I think its connected to the local aikdo club, but I'll ask him.
            If you are impressed by a young guy , wait til you see someone in their late 60's whos been training for a long time. Now thats impressive!

            Tim Hamilton