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    Dear all,

    I hope someone out there can help, i am trying to set up a Civil Service Iaido Club with the assistance of the Civil Service Sports Council. I am hoping they will sponsor the club by paying for our BKA Licence and Insurance and paying for some basic equipment and hall fees.

    The problem i am having is tryig to get someone to train us each week, i have about 10 people interested in learning.

    Can anyone offer any help or advice?

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    can you be clearer about where you are in Scotland...I know some people in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth area, and I am off to West Kilbride to a seminar for the weekend coming. Hope to visit the boys at the Bridge of Cally dojo on Monday night for more training... havent told the wife yet though....
    If you are close to Glasgow, I would recommend Neil Kemp (6 dan). Believe he is looking at running a class in the area now he has moved 'back home' to Scotland...


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      Training In Scotland

      Thanks for your reply, sorry i should have said I am based in Edinburgh, as is the people who are looking to train here.



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        George McCall, the guy who used to run the club there moved to London, he writes on here now and again so p.m. him and ask who's taken over. You could also pop over to west kilbride this weekend and see who else turns up from round about... you might hit lucky and find someone local, just ask around at lunchtimes...Otherwise you have a bit of a trek to hit an iaido club, think the nearest teacher would be either me at Darlington or Neil at Glasgow, sorry but we are only 5th and 6th dan, not high grades as yet. York and above seems a little quiet on the iaido club front, although several of us have tried over the years to promote it. Kendo always seems to take preference up this way....