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NEW IAIDO WEBSITE - input needed

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  • NEW IAIDO WEBSITE - input needed

    Basicaly im building a new iaido website. With this website i aim to provide useful resources for both the beginner and expirienced iaido practitioner. If anyone has any ideas, documents or other helpful things then please let me know.

    If you have any documents that you wish to contribute to this project then you can e-mail them to me at

    Please be aware that if you send me any documents, photos or any other kind of file then they must be your own (not something that you have found) due to copyright laws.

    And as would be expected, authors of files will be given full credit for there work and contributions.

    i shall post the URL or the new site upon completion.

    Thanks for reading.

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    is this a general iaido one or just dedicated to one particular branch or ryu? Do you intend to run a BBS like this one as well? I and no doubt a few others would be prepared to contribute depending on what you would like to have...


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      no there is no particular branch or ryu, just general iaido. a message board would be the last thing to be created if any.


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        Sounds like a great idea!
        Good luck. I certainly would be visiting often.

        cheers Michael


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          Wow. You're gonna have to work pretty hard to generalize info that would cover all of Iai. It's a fairly broad subject. I don't envy you the task.


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            Concern yourself with bandwidth. The more you have, the more you will be able to support multimedia.

            If you have any advanced questions you may ask me.


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              i know its goin to take along time to create a generalised waeb site about iaido. fortunatly i have alot of free time