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    Just a quick question...

    I'm trying to figure out if I should spend the $10 to get black same.

    Is it historical at all? Or is black same a more recent "flashy" custom option?

    I'll be taking my iaito with me to Japan next year for training...will it be looked upon strangely there?


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    Check out

    There are some references to hisotrical examples of black laquered same in there. I don't think it's all that uncommon an option.


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      Great! Thanks for the link...that was informative.

      One question about the Japan question?

      Anyone studied Iaido in Japan?


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        I have not personally, although my instructor trained in Chiba for 10 years.


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          Wow...10 years is a lot of Iaido!

          I was there for a month this summer, though I didn't get to check out any Iaido classes.

          The main thing I'm worried about is the "look at the cocky gaijin with his brown tsuka and black same" factor.

          Right now I'm learning fairly casually (one on one) from my kendo sensei. So that isn't a worry...the worry is when I head over to Osaka for my study abroad program next year.


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            10 years is not as much as you think. Iai is a lifetime pursuit for many. Ray-sensei is nearly halfway through his third decade of Iai at this point. I had a chance to train with Esaka-sensei last summer and he's been at it since the mid 1950's. Esaka-sensei has been doing Iai since my mom was 5 Kinda keeps things in perspective.


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              Hmm...thats true. I guess I tend to think of things from the perspective of my 19 year lifetime. Studying something until I'm 29 doesn't seem that terrible.

              Anyways...I'm hoping to place this iaito order tonight. I think I'll go ahead and go with the brown tsuka/black same. If there is a problem in Japan, I can get the tsuka rewrapped in black.


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                I have black same and wrap - looks excellent with unornamented silver menuki/fuchi in my obviously unbiased opinion.

                WRT Japan, I did 5 months of Iai there, just walked into the local library / city meeting hall and asked, turned out the Iai happened in that very building. They were a Mugai-Ryu dojo, but since there is no Mugai in Australia they mostly drilled me on seitei.

                WRT sword furnishings in Japan, the people I was training with had green, purple, brown wraps on their swords - much more varied than here in Wollongong.



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                  Thanks Aden.

                  I think brown shouldn't stand out too much amongst green and purple.

                  I just placed the order for my iaito by the way.

                  I got the Ue Koshirae (
                  from with black same, brown tsuka wrap, and brown sageo.

                  I'm hoping it'll be made quickly...I can't wait to get rid of this bokuto!!!

                  Thanks for the input guys.


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                    Email Me!

                    Phorest, If you get a chance drop me a private email so we can catch up on things. I have not been online here much lately. Would love to hear from you. Jerry Wellbrock in Kentucky



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                      Hey Phorest,

                      I just ordered the same iaito from, except I kept mine black with white same (I like black). Anyway, I couldn't be more happy with it! I have a ton of pictures of it if you'd like to see it.

                      What I also liked about the bogubag iaito was that picking the hamon style was free of charge, and it's amazing. Stands out very well. My instructor said the fittings were basic, but well done and the wrap was VERY good. Said the tip was slightly point heavy but was to be expected from just about all iaito, regardless of their origin of manufacture.

                      Let us know when you get it!


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                        Jidai Magnus: I'd love to see your pictures! I was told that mine should be arriving in about 4 weeks...but I don't think I can wait that long!!

                        My e-mail is if you'd like to send a few pictures my way.

                        Jerry: Check your e-mail.


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                          Hey Phorest! Check your email. I sent a link to mine as well as a few other new bogubag iaitos that people have bought and posted pics of!


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                            Actually, Phorest, the email I sent just bounced. Is that your correct email?


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                              Ahh...I'm not sure why that didn't work...


                              Sorry about that!