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  • Iaido & Kendo Kata in Southern Brazil (pictorial)

    Just thought some of you folks would like to see some pics from Koryu and Seitei Iai practice ( and some kendo kata ones) down here in Brazil.

    They're located at


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    You in any of these Alex?


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      Which koryu is it? There are some interesting forms shown being practised in the videos.


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        Hi there

        It's Muso Shinden Ryu I believe. The man in most of the pictures, Tsushima sensei, japanese consul for southern Brazil, often speaks of each motion linking them to the original school, since MSR Iai is derived from many different styles like Omori Ryu and Hoki Ryu, as far as I can remember.

        Most of the forms being practiced were from Omori Ryu (i.e Shohatto, Batto, etc.).

        Alas, I'm in some of the pictures. I'm one of the guys in the very dark indigo uniform practicing kendo kata. I was the photographer in the iai part so I didn't got to practice that day.