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  • Muso Shinden Iai dojo

    Hello ,I'm looking for a Muso Shinden Ryu Iai dojo in Tokyo ,preferably on the Yamanote Loop .I have been doing Iai for about 5 years in a Koryu but for several reasons I would like to start with Muso Shinden as well .I was wondering if somebody would have a good dojo to recommend .Thanks in advance

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    Although not specific to MSR, I replied to a similar past question here:

    Introductions are the norm. Anyone giving you a recommendation online without knowing you personally is basically imposing someone with an unknown background on a dojo/sensei. Therefore, you probably won't get any specific leads here.


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      I'm already aware of that ,but I also understand that some dojo/groups are very much open so I gave it a shot .By the way ,there's this Sensei that teaches close to where I live but couldn't find any info on his level neither a clip from him .Does anybody ever heard from him ? His name is 沖野 規匡 .Thanks for answering anyway


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        According to this website that came up in a search for Okino-sensei:

        The Muso Seimei-kai is ZNKR affiliated and practices MSR, ZNKR seitei and the MSR kenjutsu sets.

        If they are close to you, I suggest arrange a visit (if they don't reply go poke your head in), watch how they practice, ask questions, then decide if it's for you.

        Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to attend seminars and taikai so I only know a handful of sensei in Tokyo. Okino-sensei isn't one I can recall encountering. However, the website says Okino-sensei trained under Danzaki-sensei.
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          Got to watch one class and to speak with teacher as well .Seems to be a nice person the atmosphere was nice as well .Can't make any comments on his skills since he barely demonstrated .Might end up joining them unless I find a better place nearby .Thanks again