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Iaido and jodo in Seoul, Kora

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  • Iaido and jodo in Seoul, Kora

    Hello to fellow budokas. Looking for those who managed to find a dojo or trains somewhere in Seoul. I'm new to town, searched web, found Korea Iaido Association website but looks abandoned and no one answers a phone number listed there. Let's get together and keep keikos going!

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    Looks like nobody does iaido in Seoul and Korea ... I talked to my Korean friends in kendo dojo and found out that iaido is not popular with locals. There're some issues with Japan overall and iaido is not supported here for those reasons... Still it appears strange to me to learn that.


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      Sorry to hear that.

      From what I have seen, the ZNKR has somewhat of a reluctance to propogate iaido despite this being one of their missions. The last thing they want is a practioner winding up on the news for committing a crime with a shinken. They are quite careful who they accept as students. I started iaido in the UK and the senior senseis there basically went to Japan and begged to be taught. It still seems to be like that.

      With regards to post-war sensitivities, my sensei has actually been along with the ZNKR delegation to China. I asked him how attitudes were on the Chinese side and he said they were very enthusiastic and everyone got along fine.

      Aside from ZNKR, I am aware that one of the Hokkushin Itto-ryu (not the Chiba dojo) has a branch in Korea and they have iaido in their cirriculum. But that's a take the whole ryu-ha or leave it deal I would think. There are some succession disputes within this ryu-ha.

      Jodo is extremely rare, even in Japan. Outside of the major cities (particularly Tokyo and Fukuoka as the two major centers for SMR), it's very hard to find.