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Sliding on the knees

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  • Sliding on the knees

    Does anyone know the correct Japanese term for 'sliding' on the knees as we do in Iaido? Would you share it please. One of my friends suggested 'shikko' but that seems to mean [knee] walking.

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    Shikko is what the aikido folks call their knee walking, no idea what the term you want is.


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      Surihiza perhaps? Would that be sensical in Japanese?


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        Say shikko to your average Japanese and they think of sumo. They vaguely know what aikido is and usually clueless about iaido.

        I've never heard my sensei refer to any description of sliding. Sliding does not turn up in a cursory look at the ZNKR Iaido Manual in Japanese and English. Ipponme Mae just says to bring your left knee to the right foot. Nothing about sliding in that description.


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          That makes sense since one is supposed to 'unload' the knee slightly before moving it. Would surihiza be appropriate. for sliding knee?


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            What I've learned training in Japan is that if I didn't hear it from a sensei, it's probably not "appropriate". There's a culture of consensus building that means even senior sensei are careful not to interject too much personal interpretation or use words not commonly shared in the community.

            But could the word exist? Yes. But doesn't necessarily mean anything within the dojo.