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Tameshigiri Use vs. Iai Blades

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  • Tameshigiri Use vs. Iai Blades

    re: temeshigiri and iai blades

    I don't do tameshigiri, but I am curious about the difference between blades intended for iai and those intended for tameshigiri. Is weight the only difference?


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    Blades for tameshigiri

    Blades will differ a bit by maker. Check out "Tameshigiri Fundamentals" by Kim Taylor for example.

    Some obvious differences that may be present: O-kissaki (long tip), wider Ha, a convex or clam-shell cross-section although a straight Shinogi is also used, and a balance in the blade that tends to be a bit tip-heavy. Many makers insist on having two Mekugi (pins that secure the tang to the Tsuka) for safety. Some blades have Hi (the misnamed "blood groove") if they are intended for Iaido practice as well; blades just for Tameshigiri tend not to have Hi.

    And most obviously, a Tameshigiri blade is made of carbon steel like regular Shinken. Iaito are made of an alloy that will not hold an edge.



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      That was quite interesting. I need to read more about sword construction, though, before I'd feel confident in discussing the finer points.

      I should have been clearer. Though I meant tameshigiri blades and iai shinken blades, it would seem that the answer was provided anyway. Thanks.