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    Can anyone shed any light on how this organisation works and how it awards it's grades. I have heard stories that gradings for dans are done both internally and externally.

    Another question as well is, I've herd a rumour that Iwata sensei is sadly going to retire. Is this true? and if so how will this effect Roshukai?

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    Iwata sensei has already 'retired', however he has now made more comebacks than Status Quo and Lindisfarne put together... he is also anticipating coming over "one more time" to England this summer. Anyone want to try and put him off? No, I didn't think so...
    He has already appointed his successor, Nishimoto sensei, to head up the Roshukai organisation in Japan. We will continue as usual to train in much the same way as the BKA jikiden people continue after the loss of Haruna sensei. He would expect no less.
    The Butoku kai functions in much the same way as any other MA organisation, grades etc as normal. We did consider joining it at one time, but could not see how it would improve our training by doing so, in much the same way as joining any other association.
    there are also other smaller groups in japan you may not have heard about, and there are still some ryu that do not belong to any organisation, although there is a recent move by some of the older ryu to be loosely grouped as a koryu association to help promote the less well known ryu before they all die out.
    Roshukai, both here and in Japan, exists only to train, not to collect fees. The English club, from my viewpoint, awards grades, as it expected in the West to do so. I think if we had our way we would change the system slightly to award menkyo and kogen no maki ( menkyo kaiden), the same as the japan roshukai. The problem is, how many students in the West are prepared to wait thirty years or so for a grade???

    Tim Hamilton


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      im willing and it show dedication anyway

      i your case if you waited 30 yrs ud be doin it when ur cafeta is fitted - hehe only kiddin
      but im sure a zimma frame would make an interesting addition to iai especially if its anything like the pram in shogun

      any sign of that cream egg?
      if you want chocolate for easter off me you'll hav 2 email me ur address-dont think i can get the time off work to come back-grrr


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        hmmm, a zimmer frame that's like that brilliant pram... could be useful when I have annoying students visit... I will be starting a new thread regarding my missing, make that STOLEN, cream egg. how low can you stoop will be the title...
        Will exchange chocolate at next seminar. I believe all dojos should have this as a new tradition!

        Tim Hamilton