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Choji Oil and iaito

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  • Choji Oil and iaito


    I just bought a iaito from Kyoto's Tozando, their KA35 Jidai Koshirae model.

    As far as i can tell the weight and quality is very nice, however I'd like to know some thoughts about Tozando's equipment.

    Plus, I'd like to know if iaito needs choji oil and uchiko powder like shinken.

    Thank you so much,

    Alex Polli

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    Its a good idea to look after iaito the same way as proper swords. It gets you into a good habit, after all to repolish a sword costs a lot of money!
    There is no need to use proper choji oil though, any light oil will do, such as the one you would use on bicycles, with anti rust properties. You also dont smell like you have been to the dentist either...
    As most iaito have a chrome finish you should be careful not to chip it as once the surface is damaged the alloy corrodes easily. Examine the sword closely on a regular basis and it will last you a long time. Also dont forget to look after the other parts of the sword, check the mekugi for damage, and the saya to make sure it is not getting cut through.
    You can repair saya if the sword becomes loose by adding a thin veneer or paper to the inside. Do not use sandpaper as the grit tends to get inside the saya and scratch the blade 's surface.