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    I'm interested in learning Iaido (or perhaps another form of kenjutsu: I'm still researching), but as I have been reading about it online I came across a FAQ (, which states that there are a lot of frauds out there. This has me rather worried: as I know absolutely nothing, how am I going to know I have found the real deal? If there is anyone else in Melbourne Australia here, then I am sure you would be able to offer me some great insights; if not, then can anyone else offer any help?

    Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide!

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    Hi, Elric!
    If a dojo is in any way related to the International Kendo Federation, chances are high, that you might find some kind of reasonable training there.
    In most cases the presidents of the national Kendo federations do know most qualified teachers, so it might be a good idea asking them. Even if a coach is not member of the particular organisation, he will be known if his (or her) training is okay.


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      G'Day Chusan,

      Thanks for confirming that: I wanted to hear from a second source that this was the way to go. I have found the Australian dojos registered there, and contacted one for more information already.

      Just one other question though... I have found many things on various martial arts in my search, but I still have not found out how to actually pronounce Iaido. I am guessing 'Ee-aye-doh', but I only know a few words of Japanese, so I am probably quite wrong. I would like to make sure I know at least something as simple as this before I meet anyone in person.


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        should sound like 'ee I ee doe' with short ee sound. Like "old macdonald had a farm..."
        Good luck in your search for a club.

        Tim Hamilton