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Jodo Schools in the Vancouver area?

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  • Jodo Schools in the Vancouver area?

    Does anyone know of any reputable dojo schools in the Vancouver area? I've done a google search and couldn't find anything. I was told that some kendo schools are linked to jodo, does anyone know of any?

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    I would speak to...

    Kim Taylor who can be found over on E-budo. He is the knowledgemeister of all things jo and American continental...


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      Wow, just managed to remember my login after not replying to stuff for a year...

      OK there is no ZNKR jodo in Vancouver or anywhere west of Guelph in Canada that I know of. (Maybe some of the Calgary iaido guys did some jodo at the May seminar but I think they were all doing Niten last May).

      Phil Relnick, however, is in Seattle I believe and is years and years more experienced than the top guy in the CKF/ZNKR in Canada so if you're in Vancouver and you want to study Jodo, go ask him if you can practice. I suspect he won't make you wait outside the gate in the rain for too many days.

      Kim Taylor
      Top guy in CKF/ZNKR jodo in Canada


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        Jodo Schools in the Vancovuer area?

        Originally posted by kagecho View Post
        Does anyone know of any reputable dojo schools in the Vancouver area?
        I now teach Jodo at the Hoshu Vancouver Dojo in Vancouver.
        I am part of the CKF and the Hoshu Vancouver Dojo will be soon as well.
        For more information on the Dojo, see
        Tom Groendal